FOLDED featuring Nina Fog

It is the first chapter of an artistic research which aims to investigate the interaction of various live media and the integration of different artistic languages: audio visual, sculpture, fashion, physical performance and theatrical process.  
  The film is divided into 8 parts (the maximum number of times paper can be folded) and explores the physical and metaphysical properties and potentials of paper.  Paper is the starting point for all of the artists. The costume, designed by Cabinet of Curiosity using origami techniques, is made out of paper, all of the visuals are filmed events or animations derived from paper and Alessandro's music is composed using sounds of paper. The performer artist, Nina Fog, plays a creature born from paper who constantly transforms herself, reinventing her corporeality: “With Folded I am exploring the sensations of being written upon (by sound, image, costume, space); being invented and - at the same time - being erased. The constant cycle of living and dying makes me only a momentary creature in a fragment of time - I aim to be in the pure of state of existing from moment to moment”. Coproduction: SDNA (UK) + TiconZero (Italy) Concept, direction and video design: Valentina Floris, Ben Foot Music: Alessandro Olla Performer: Nina Fog Costumes: Cabinet of Curiosity Associate Graphic Artists: Chris Singer and Nazir Tabuli

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