The Material World of KAZAKY

KAZAKY. Photography by Sonia Plakidyuk / Moi Sofism.

What do you call a three hit wonder? The relentless ascent of the Ukrainian dance powerhouse KAZAKY into the international pop mainstream continues with dazzling speed. When their breakthrough music video “In the Middle” premiered on YouTube no one could have predicted its viral fate. Now even its parodies and amateur dance routines performed to the track get tens of thousands of page-views. From hottest clubs to fashion week runways, KAZAKY cultivate their unique niche with passion and flare befitting their namesake warrior spirit. 2012 is shaping up to be quite a year for the group. First there was the global launch of the ad campaign for the SpiceBomb perfume by Viktor&Rolf.  Now they dance, dance for Madonna, baby… Their signature moves are instantly recongnizable in the Girl Gone Wild video by the reigning Queen of Pop!

And it all started with a stillettoed high kick noticed around the world. KAZAKY are remarkably independent in a world dictated by heads of marketing and remain fiercely loyal to each other. DEPESHA caught up with the artists for a glimpse into their life at the moment.

KAZAKY. Photography by Sonia Plakidyuk / Moi Sofism.

Which menswear designers inspire you and why?

Unfortunately we did not have time to watch all the recent shows and collections from Milan and Paris, but we have always admired and will admire the works of Nicolas Ghesquière, Nicola Formichetti, Alber Elbaz, Miuccia Prada, Riccardo Tisci, Viktor & Rolf… Their collections are always brilliant.

Francesco Borgato of KAZAKY. Photography by Sonia Plakidyuk / Moi Sofism.

Is there a performance in your upcoming schedule that excites you the most?

At the moment, we pay all attention and devote all the time to our first album. The release will be this spring, soon. Perhaps the next most exciting thing for us is a visit to Latin America. We are going on tour from Mexico to Argentina. And, of course, later on we’re planning a big tour in the U.S. and Japan. It is time to see our fans and make new ones!

Oleg Zhezhel of KAZAKY. Photography by Sonia Plakidyuk / Moi Sofism.

What music do you currently listen to?

Basically everywhere at the gym, th studio, at home it’s AZARI & III, Lana Del Rey and Hot Chip right now.

Artur Gaspar of KAZAKY. Photography by Sonia Plakidyuk / Moi Sofism.

What was it like to work with the Material Girl?

The whole world is waiting for her new appearance. She is incredibly talented. We admire her work. Is it possible to treat her differently?

Kyryll Fedorenko of KAZAKY. Photography by Sonia Plakidyuk / Moi Sofism.

Indeed, the same question can be asked of KAZAKY themselves!

For more insight into the world of KAZAKY check out the exclusive DEPESHA profile of the group.

Alexey Timbul / Stephan Rabimov


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