I Run The Runway Video + Exclusive Behind The Scenes Shots

Miss Fame and Violet Chachki at Raspoutine in Paris. Need we say more?! You can’t unsee this, especially the drop-dead gorgeous looks by designer Garo Sparo! Get your inner fashionista out, dress up, and run the freakin’ runway with the hottest performance artists of our time. It’s so fish fresh, we just can’t!

But wait! We have something special to share – a hottie extra from the set entourage mysteriously named Tripletriangles (because one or two triangles just don’t do it for us anymore) shared some exclusive behind the scenes photos with DEPESHA.  Unfiltered and raw, just how we like it.

This is what Tripletriangles had to say about the behind the scenes experience: “It was awesome we laughed a lot Miss Fame and Violet Chachki are both super nice, fun, and easy to work with! Director Ali Madhavi was awesome and professional. Of course we ended up talking about the VMA’s and their performance with Miley Cyrus, which I fucking love.”





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