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DEPESHA is a contemporary Russian expatriate culture magazine at the intersection of fashion, art, literature, and modernity. Founded by Stephan R. Rabimov in 2005, and published twice a year in New York, DEPESHA is a bilingual, highly curated, limited edition “bookzine,” aimed at “inspiring people to read”.

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With the newly launched DEPESHA.com, the magazine is now bringing that same cutting-edge and ground-breaking ethos to the Web. DEPESHA.com’s unique mix of unrivalled editorial, world-beating fashion, original photography and illustration, audio, video and social interactivity provides readers the engaging experience of a magazine combined with the immediacy of the Web, elevating the user experience beyond the printed word.

DEPESHA.com is updated daily and is iPad and iPhone compatible.



Editor-in-Chief / Publisher Stephan Rabimov
Editor-at-Large (Russia) 
Alexey Timbul
Executive Editor 
Paulina Korenblum
Special Projects Editor 
Sean Howell
Senior Fashion Editor (USA) 
Stella Melomedman
Contributing Editor (Russia) 
Anastasia Bogarne
Contributing Editor (France) 
Anthony Valette
Contributing Editor (France) 
Johan Picard
Senior Culture & Arts Editor (USA) 
Masha Birger
Senior Editor 
Irene Sobol
Social Networks Editor 
Anna Molly
Senior Web Designer 
Tommy Gonzalez
Senior Print Designer 
Chun-Yu Huang

For all inquiries please email info@depesha.com