Custo Barcelona Spring/Summer 2012

The most anticipated show of the Aurora Fashion Week in St. Petersburg, Russia drew the largest crowd. And whoa, was it worthwhile! Custo presented its three-in-one Tripolar collection of bold combinations, intricate prints, innovative cuts and signature showmanship. The nuanced gender-bending in DUAL looks could only be made possible in Gaudi-inspired Barcelona. Patchwork collage and appliqué of KALEIDOSCOPIO outfits rendered the Big Bang in fashionista-friendly terms. Evening attire and swimwear in MIRAME lineup are a natural fit along the ever-glam Espana coastline. This was heavy duty couture artillery F-bombing the notorious Neva gloom away. Fun! Fearless! Fierce! Infectious beats of Ou Est Le Swimming Pool underscored all the fabulous commotion. Unisex is so 90s! Now print and design elements repeat organically adapting to body appropriate shapes and styles. Abstract prints broken down to geometrical elements are brought together by beaks of exotic birds, kiss-ready lips, and palm leafs. Mirrored, holographic, and metal sheen components create a sense of constant movement. 3D technology made a spectacular leap from big screen to the individual as fabric, shoes and bags featured fantastic three dimensional designs. In the same way that Custo designs can be identified without consulting the label, people with personalities bold enough to pull off these uncompromising looks are a select lucky few. The collection was oversaturated with imaginative grand statements and inspired the urge for immediate repeat viewing. In just several minutes Custo delivered the week’s best professional master class and emotional exclamation point.
CUSTO BARCELONA was presented by DEPESHA at Aurora Fashion Week in St. Petersburg, Russia
Alexey Timbul

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