Cycles & Seasons by Mastercard, volume VI, part II

A raw drum beat underscoring an exciting INSHADE presentation launched day two of Cycles & Season VI. Sarong-inspired wraps and gele headscarves that ruled the catwalk took everyone’s mind away from the urban sprawl outside into the windswept dunes of distant lands.
Asymmetrical pleats, folds and cuts created beautiful weightless volume in otherwise basic looks. Black, red and mustard were collection’s key colors with navy and off-white accents. Black leather threaded necklaces and bracelets blurred the line between garment construction and accessory. Select see-thru tops and simple strap sandals emphasized collection’s assured sensuality. The brand got extra points for most original model casting. Standout looks included men’s habergeon-knit sweaters and unisex leather jackets with rough hemline reminiscent of missing parts from ancient maps. If life is adventure, this spring Inshade provides gear for the wanderlust warriors. Bon voyage!
Those on the lookout for women of color in design should consider one unlikely place: Russia! Fashionistas overcrowded inside the gallery space chosen for presentation of the collaboration between Congo-born, Russia-raised top model STELLA NDOMBI and a design duo Alexander Fererov and Nikita Severinov were rewarded with a knockout collection: Moulin Rouge meets Punk-Not-Dead meets TSUM – only in Moscow, folks. Only in Moscow! Lace tops, pants, and jackets plus embroidery, abstracted animal prints, multiple types of feathers as accessories and construction material. Everything moves and shimmers to the unrelenting urban beat. Black and white base enlivened with splashes of neon colors. High waists and low shoulders, backs tightly buttoned up or left bare, length… merely an afterthought since all looks combined lace, cutouts, high slits, and see-through fabrics. Imagination runs must. calm. attention. span. While club lighting was not conducive to clothing review, it was evocative of the best setting for wearing these fun complex outfits – VIP lounges of Soho! London or NYC? Your call. Alexey Timbul

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