Jana Segetti Spring/Summer 2012

Inspired by the urban gardens throughout Italy, sisters Natalia and Tatiana Kaptur decided on a rose as a reference point for their spring collection. Choice of nature’s most iconic flower calls for considerable creative boldness since its imagery and symbolism have been explored for centuries by artists in every genre. Designers presented an appealing prêt-a-porter collection at Aurora Fashion Week, albeit built on safe juxtapositions of colors and styles. Traditional shades of red and white were comfortably positioned alongside complementary black and green. The red leather looks and first-green tops showcased the duo’s mastery of classic cuts and silhouettes. Double belts, see-thru tops, unlaced boots and windswept hair styles provided a touch of rock ‘n roll of the Top 40 vanilla variety. The black patchwork jackets with shimmering leather inserts as well as rosebud-textured dresses, tops and shorts were collection’s strongest looks and stand to become commercial hits. Jana Segetti is a composite brand name made of first name syllables and a tribute to the designer’s grandmother. Segetti in Hungarian means “borderline.” While braving the creative frontlines, the designers choose to steer towards the tried-and-true: a reasonable position for a young brand aiming for a mid-range luxury niche. Alexey Timbul
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