Film as a medium of diplomacy has historically transcended brewing conflicts and changing borders. Best Foreign Film Oscar for the USSR classic “Cranes Are Flying” awarded at the height of the Cold War helped re-humanize the Soviet people in the eyes of a world caught amidst propaganda wars. Fashion has never been too far from the international relations scene as well. Images of Jacqueline Kennedy in Moscow still speak volumes to the political power of style. No wonder that fashion film as an emergent genre keeps true to its diplomatic mission roots. From the open vistas lit by volcanic embers to the vacuum-tight spaces of memory… fashion films in DEPESHA VOL. 8 / 2014 'FASHION FILM' preserve the cultural zeitgeist. In just under 80 minutes of total screening time, the twenty five short videos, curated by Stephan R. Rabimov - DEPESHA's founder and editor-in-chief - provide a rare insight into the mindset of a current generation of designers, performers and artists facing the ever-mounting pressures of contemporary politics, business and love. Life appears as an intoxicating exploration of styles in a form of cinematic spectacle that foregrounds costume, adornment, and visual mood as the all-six-senses vehicle for (dis)pleasure, (dis)enchantment and (dis)content. Not to be missed, to be continued...  

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