Siki Im’s Vampires, Monsters, and Other Creatures of The Night

It’s no secret that vampires have been trending for a while. It was only the matter of time for this phenomenon to enter the fashion world in all its gory glory. Designer Siki Im  presented a perfect balance of style and macabre in his ‘creatures of the night’ F/W 2016 runway collection.

Fear is a powerful driver to bring on the change; and Im managed to do both – instill fear with his menacing looks, yet remain fearless in the eyes of the fashion industry. Inspired by the blood-thirsty classics like Nosferatu and Dracula, as well as The Hunger and Only Lovers Left Alive, Im left nothing to our imagination.



“The reason we love vampire films is because we recognize something in ourselves,” Im said behind the stage. “We all have demons. It’s human nature. We’re not perfect, and there is beauty in our imperfection.”


Make up artists had a (bloody) hell of a time, as there was fake blood in all exotic colors, claws (you definitely need claws to survive within the fashion industry), and the ‘dramatic’ set on the runway in the form of fake fog.


Siki Im F/W 2016
One of the vampires inspired looks from Siki Im F/W 2016

Im explored the shades of the night from black to aubergine through coats and leather jackets. There were plenty of shadow-like prints on the T-shirts and bloodred on the runway to keep reminding us of the vampires’ favorite cocktail. Eerie, maybe!? Original, absolutely!


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