The 10 Artists by Gazelle Paulo

People, once they become familiar with my persona Gazelle, often ask me where the inspiration for creating some of my looks comes from.
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Gazelle by Jack Flack
Art is what I see in absolute everything; therefore it is indeed correct to say that the world with its beauty and tragedies is the main source of ideas and elements that contributes to my creative process.
Absolut Gazelle by Scooter LaForge
"Absolut Gazelle" - body art and photo by Scooter LaForge
However, together with the world there are some artists, who are constantly keeping my instincts sharp by always opening up the possibilities for the unexpected; art for me is also the fearless search through the imperfection to find the perfect feelings to unleash the creativity within to the outside. Although my true essence comes from the corners of nightlife experiences, where fashion & style clash, freedom is the holy grail of my existence.
Gazelle by Robin Souma
Gazelle by Robin Souma
Throughout the years, I have met and collaborated with so many artists, new and established – therefore is almost impossible to select only ten out of a very large list of talented people who continue to keep my artistic curiosity interest alive, and of course there are still some who I have yet to meet. The following names of artists, in no particular order, own a polished aesthetics that matches their profound love for their craft, and I respect them and love their work: Charlie Green Williams / New York 1 - Charles K Williams “Stewardship of earth, omniscience, impermanence, the human encounter with life and death and his own daily search for beauty” are the inspirations of this Canadian-American artist based in Brooklyn who produces art by mixing calligraphy, graffiti hand styles and automatic drawing creating superb decollage works. Frederico Mendes / Rio de Janeiro 2 - Frederico Mendes The Brazilian master of photography possess not only the sharp skill needed to produce great photos, but mostly important, he dominates the key factor who distinguishes him from others photographers; he has “the eye” that allows him to do what others cannot. I feel extremely amazing when being photographed by Mr. Mendes. Robert W Richards / New York 3 - Robert W Richards He is the epitome of luxury; the super talented and iconic fashion illustrator, who has worked for major fashion houses and magazine, has impeccable style and who is also a Kate Spade model. Robert W Richard is an elegant gentleman; such an inspiration!! Anne Pigeon / Montreal 4 - Annie Pigeon Although her name APigeon could imply certain fragility, there is a solid and consistent strength that comes out from this Canadian artist. Her unique voice and her effortless style scream a contagious peaceful state of mind. Joakim Ojanen / Stockholm 5 - Joakim Ojanen by Scooter LaForge I was introduced to Joakim’s work when I was in his homeland (Sweeden), and I am just simply drawn to it; ceramic never looked so intensely good with – perhaps - a double meaning. It is what you want to see, even if it is not and his paintings can confirm it. Fernando Carpaneda / New York 6 - Man as Object by Fernando Carpaneda Nobody does punk art better than Brazilian artist Fernando Carpaneda. Based in New York City, Fernando has deeply lived and experienced this movement; his work is raw, pure, original and he always deliver a fresh angle on it. Carpaneda is not all about “punk”, but it is safe to say he is at his best when he does it. Vermibus / Berlin 7 - Vermibus Must I really explain why Vermibus is one of my all-time favorite artists? I will let pictures speak for themselves. Kenny Kenny / New York 8 - Kenny Kenny Kenny is a God; there is a deep level of sophistication and purity which is a result of style knowledge added to the humble need to create art for himself, which he produces it entirely, to inspire those who wish to be inspired by. He is a genius; he is the best now and for many, many years to come… Scooter LaForge / New York
9 - Scooter LaForge by Krys Fox
Scooter LaForge by Krys Fox
LaForge embodies all that I came to appreciate in art; He is not only brave, but also has the unlimited will to travel beyond where his mind allows him to land into fantasies where most people couldn’t imagine. From paintings, sculptures, fashion … Scooter LaForge rocks anybody’s world! Damien Hirst / London 10 - Damien Hirst “Art’s about life and it can’t really be about anything else…there isn’t anything else” says the artist who so beautifully and brilliantly explores relationships between art, life and death... Text by Gazelle Paulo
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