Unisex Clothing Shown at New York Fashion Week

The development of clothing that is accessible for men women and non-binary individuals has gotten bigger this New York Fashion Week with the presentation of the Fall 2016 collection from LANDEROS NEW YORK. The bespoke atelier’s presentation, STRANGE NEW _ORK took place on February 15, 2016 and looked to continue breaking gender norms. It was shown at the ASF + Scandinavia House where both male and female models wore a mix of leather, heavy knits, ominous dark tones and woolen coats. Not only was there variety in genders but race as well which resonates deeply in a time where diversity is considered lacking. Image 5 Founded by Andre Landeros Michel in 2013, LANDEROS NEW YORK is working to bring attention towards equality between genders through clothing. Inspired by London’s New Romantic movement Michel acknowledges that the success of genderless clothing is in the fit and tailoring. Produced in New York the items lean towards agender and unisex because Michel believes it caters to the “misfits” no matter what gender someone identifies with, if any. His ambition is to provide proper fit and quality through tailoring that he sees will be the staples of fashion houses in the future. Taisiya Vivien Moon
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