Vardoui Nazarian Spring/Summer 2012

Before the actual presentation of the Vardoui Nazarian collection even began, a strong sense of zeitgeist was already in the air. Those who successfully navigated the construction-zone maze of the epic City of Capitals Center to get to the show were welcomed by a terrific Ararat cognac-based cocktail bar and panoramic views of the changing Moscow skyline: the white monolith of the parliament, iconic Stalin era towers and latest experiments in grand architecture along the riverbank. Behold the volatile cultural and economic flux of Russia! This season the designer was inspired by a set of colors: mimosa yellow against shades of brown and off-whites. She seems to be zeroing in on a signature palette. In a few seasons Vardoui green and Nazarian beige might expand Russian fashion lexicon. A lone nightshade blue dress was a strong coda look. There were no new statements in this collection: just perfecting of the skill set and aesthetic. Volume to movement ratio was key constructional focus. The drama of flowing dresses played out against the controlled grace of leather pieces. A single Armenian countryside print read as a nod to distant homelands and roots common to storylines of urban living. Other highlights include: extra long pants covering the ankle and half a stiletto heel, varying front-to-back hemline length, and a live soundtrack!
With the spring-summer 2012 collection Nazarian continues to solidify her position as a consistently well-performing brand both in terms of creative outlook and commercial appeal. For more on Vardoui Nazarian, click here. Alexey Timbul

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