WOW VOWS: the Plokhov Order

  Along the path to enlightenment a seeker must subdue the body, mind and spirit to attain desired benefits. With his Spring/Summer 2013 collection Alexandre Plokhov has successfully passed these converts stages. After exploring the carnage of soldierdom last year and reveling in conceptual indulgence of glam rock in the fall, Plokhov ventured after the soul. True to his Russian roots, he sought inspiration in Orthodox Christian clergy occupying his moodboard with pre-revolutionary daguerreotypes of monks in their garb. The post-show standing ovation heralded the consecration of the Plokhov Order.     Coal, ash and alabaster toned outfits made up two look camps invoking the celibate black-robed brotherhood and white-clad clerics permitted marriage. Elongated verticals were accentuated by untied leather belts and straps. Precision tailoring was evidence of cutting as designer’s ritual practice of choice. Any devout following in its best, ironic or ominous sense implies and cultivates the idea of select purity. The Plokhov Oder is no exception with designer placing emphasis on quality of source materials and fabrics. Premium cotton, vegetable-dyed leather and micro-synthetics complete the laconic trifecta.  

  Consistency is hardly a fashion virtue. The catch-22 is to repeatedly show something different remaining within the chosen vein. Over the years, Plokhov seems to have perfected the trick. His men appear as Style Dolmens, simultaneously uber-hip and zeitgeist-proof. Tattooed and grey haired, they weather another lifetime with grace of the infallible. The self-anointed faithful may now take the wow vows. Alexey Timbul

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