Yasya in Red: The Case for Yasya Minochkina

Yasya Minochkina is an assured dressmaker, we’ll circle back to that. Braving the geopolitical quagmire of Moscow-Kiev relations, the Ukrainian designer presented her latest collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia. Inspired by the 1970s, it featured the requisite flares and skinny ties in groovy shades of earth, wind and fire. Yasya has London’s Central St. Martins and Royal Academy in Antwerp under her belt. The superb training showed in clever cutting such as waistlines marked by pocket slits in some pieces. This is sound tailoring, but how does one differentiate oneself from droves of sound tailors? There should be more. Minochkina’s choice of interestingly mixed textiles scores her bonus points: crepe and polyamide, some nice jacquard fabrics. And then, and then… Out came the lace dresses! You could sense the room snap into attention, the backs straitening, the chins rising to get a better view. Some even put down or aside their cell cameras! The black and gold closing looks were everything one could ask for in a garment, in a show, in life: daring yet resolute, sensual without blunt provocation, something to be seen in, something to watch and marvel. I thought, Russia’s most famous style it-girl and Buro 24/7 founder, Miroslava Duma, should wear that. And in fact, she does. Turns out, Yasya has quite a following among the bloggers, including Doina Ciobanu, the Moldova-born rising beauty media star. Smartest fashion girls don’t just wanna have fun. They wanna have fun in Yasya’s dresses. Can’t blame ‘em! Alexey Timbul exclusively for DEPEHSA
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