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Editorial: Dolces de Reliquias
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DEPESHA presents an exclusive fashion editorial by photographer Bailey Harada Strone, featuring fashion designs by Sarah Burton’s new protégé Maria Romero.

Ghosts of Innocence: Evgeny Mokhorev on Post-Soviet Childhood

The photography of Evgeny Mokhorev stands as striking testament to the volatility of both cultural and corporeal change. A haunting retrospective is currently on display at the Nailya Alexander Gallery in New York, an acclaimed space for Soviet and Russian photography.

FOLDED featuring Nina Fog
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It is the first chapter of an artistic research which aims to investigate the interaction of various live media and the integration of different artistic languages: audio visual, sculpture, fashion, physical performance and theatrical process.

Editorial: Wet & Wild

Leave it to Brazilians to come up with a fashion editorial that mixes water, bright colors, and sex. The result is reminiscent of the late night, all nude swim in the ocean.

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Emerging photographer Anatoly Mafa partnered with stylists Gosha Kartsev and Roma Ptashenko to produce a luminous editorial using an eclectic and rugged mix of Russian and European designers, exclusively for DEPESHA.

Cheap Thrills
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An all Russian production team produces a quirky fashion editorial with a darker side.

Street Prince of Prince Street
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Photographer Evan Gunville partnered with creative director Polar Buranastit to produce a highbrow street fashion shoot, featuring Re:Quest model Rafael Perez.

Диана Вишнёва: Диалоги

С 16 по 18 марта в New-York City Center можно будет увидеть звезду мировой балетной сцены, приму Мариинского театра Диану Вишнёву с новой программой ‘Диана Вишнёва: Диалоги’, включающей в себя три одноактных балета, демонстрирующих разные танцевальные техники.

Korean Art Show в NYC: азиатская культура в сердце современного искусства

Всего четыре дня, с 8 по 11 марта, в NYC состоится одно из крупнейших арт-событий года, Korean Art Show. На выставке работы художников представят 14 главных галерей Кореи, включая топовые GODO, Jari Art, 1&9 и Kips. Это означает а приори высокое качество и глубину предлагаемого зрителям контента.

Editorial: “Mutus Liber”
timthumb (3)

Celestial and earthly bodies collide in Hugo Toni’s editorial, with illustrations by Luiz Wachelke.

Editorial: “Hotel Room”
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The emerging Brazilian photographer João Arraes masterfully unveils the astounding beauty of Kamile Hansen, with raw sexual style by Tiago Moreira.

The Berlinale Retrospective: “The Red Dream Factory”
Miss Mend. 1926. Directors: Fjodor Ozep, Boris Barnet, Sergej Komarow, Natalja Glan

Rainer Rother, section director of the Berlinale Retrospective, speaks about its 2012 edition which revolves around ‘Mezhrabpom,’ the former German-Soviet film studio which produced a wealth of films in the 1920s and 1930s.

Editorial: “Paperwhite”
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In-line with DEPESHA’s vol. 5 anniversary edition ‘Future Proof’, photographer Yoo Sun has produced a future proof fashion editorial featuring a rising modeling star Patricija Motiejunaite.

Editorial: “Aeon”
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Photographer Paulina Surys has fused art and fashion in this timeless editorial. The word aeon, originally means ‘life’, and/or ‘being’, though it then tended to mean ‘age’, ‘forever’ or ‘for eternity’. Indeed, models come to life in this archival-feel photographs.

Вячеслав Зайцев: модный приговор
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По словам самого Вячеслава Зайцева, выставка является своеобразным рассказом о его работе и жизни, вместо слов в котором будут говорить вещи и образы. Сейчас модельеру 72 года, пятьдесят из которых он посвятил моде. Две трети жизни среди тканей, конструкций, коллекций, тенденций и образов.