“City Limits” by Kris Moyes

CITY LIMITS by Kris Moyes

Katherine Bowden, a wealthy business woman with a strong desire to stay on top, learns that her greedy financial adviser and lover Egg has conspired against her. Her world imploded, Katherine seeks revenge on the man she once trusted and loved.

DIRECTOR BIO Kris Moyes graduated in 2000 with a Degree in Fine Arts at the College of Fine Arts, Sydney. From 2006 he became popular for his internationally acclaimed music videos for Sia, Beck, The Presets, Hercules and Love Affair and The Softlightes. In 2007 he became represented by Revolver in Australia and Les Telecreateurs in Paris. Now Kris spends his time oscillating between interna- tional art exhibitions and commercials.

9’38” / 2010 / AUSTRAILIA / CAST: Tania Gacic as Katherine Bowden & Matthew Charleston as Egg / MAKE-UP: Natasha Severino / HAIR:Lores Giglio/ STYLIST: Jolyon Mason for Romance Was Born/ ARTISTIC DIRECTOR: Chris Tomkins/ DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Danny Ruhlmann


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