MR. & MRS. MYTH by Vassilis Karidis & Nicolas Georgiou

Mr & Mrs Myth is an exploration in sorts, an experimental production that fol- lows the movements of two extraordinary characters in an ordinary city. The film records the extreme presence of the manipulated body and its super-physical capacities as they produce unexpected encounters within a known, striated urban and cultural terrain. Mr & Mrs Myth is part of the project ATOPIC BODIES [ONE] by ATOPOS Cultural Organization. 1:51 min. / 2010 / GREECE / DP: Vassilis Karidis/ CAST: John Vikian, Eliana Weirich/ ARTISTIC DIRECTOR-STYLIST: Nicholas Georgiou Vassilis Karidis and Nicholas Georgiou are the editors of Dapper Dan magazine, a new biannual, independent men’s fashion and philosophy magazine, devised and published in Athens, Greece and circulated worldwide. Dapper Dan’s sec- ond issue will be out September 2010.

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